Wingnut Task Tracker

Wingnut Task Tracker 3.02

Task/Bug Management System w/Calendar, Email, Query, Report and Excel Builders
3.02 (See all)
Wingnut Solutions Inc

Task Tracker will assist you in managing your project tasks, bug issues (reports), and feature requests (enhancements) to the last detail!
Includes Task Calendar, Query Wizard, Report Builder, Export to Excel, Email, Task Timer, Save Report as PDF, and more!
View YOUR tasks the way YOU want to (unlimited queries!).
Query and Report YOUR tasks the way YOU want to (unlimited reports!).
Query and Export YOUR tasks the way YOU want to (excel, text, dbf, html).
All reports exportable to PDF, XML, HTML, and text!
Manage unlimited databases!
Multi-user support!
Task Tracker your Complete Task Management Solution!
Get Task Tracker today and get organized!
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